European Refugee Crisis?

by Emily Rowe

If you were forced to flee your home, where would you go? How would you choose a new place to start your life all over again?

The most important factors to consider would be common language, diet, culture and religion to help you make your decision. As fun as moving to countries that don’t share these societal foundations may seem, they make resettlement even more difficult than it already is, which is why the majority of refugees in the Middle East choose to stay in region. Also because a world where falafel and shawarma isn’t as readily accessible just doesn’t sound that great.

Although the news mainly covers the European refugee crisis, the majority of refugees fleeing the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) choose to seek asylum in countries closer to home. It might be shocking to hear that the 10 nations to host the highest numbers of refugees are outside the West. Jordan hosts the most refugees in the world at an estimated 2.7 million, the majority of which pour in from its neighboring nations: Iraq, Syria and Palestine. Lebanon hosts the most Syrian refugees where 1 in 4 people is a refugee.

The West has created a narrative of being the sole burden bearer for the refugee crisis while countries in the backyard of these crises go without recognition from mainstream media. In the meantime, Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey have become the frontline responders when it comes to hosting those fleeing conflict in their own region. The countries responsible for caring for the highest populations of refugees cannot go unnoticed and unaided.


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