What Do “Dublin III,” the “Dubs Amendment,” and “Dubstep” All Have in Common?

By Gabi Aguilar

What do “Dublin III,” the “Dubs Amendment,” and “Dubstep” all have in common? They all begin with the letters D-U-B...yeah, that is basically it.

Like the many who did not realize that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing, there seems to be widespread confusion in the UK that the Dubs Amendment and Dublin III are NOT. While both are an important part of the government’s response to the migration crisis in Calais and across Europe, they are entirely separate.

Dublin III, also called Dublin Regulation, is a European Union Law that was originally signed in Ireland’s capital city in 1990 and has since been revised twice-- hence, the “Dublin III” nickname.

The Dubs Amendment, as we discussed last week, is a scheme proposed by Lord Alf Dubs that would enable a number of unaccompanied child refugees to safely resettle in the UK.

Dublin III is much less specific and sets out rules for deciding which European Union country should process claims for asylum. Dublin III works by designating a single Member State as the State “responsible” for examining an asylum application. The Responsible State is identified by applying a hierarchy of factors but, in practice, will very often be the first Member State through which the applicant enters the EU.

With the Dubs Amendment being scrapped and Brexit sort of looming over, one can only begin to speculate the possible implications of Brexit on Dublin III and the redistribution of asylum seekers within the European Union. Members of Brick Court Chambers in London have posed some possible scenarios here: (https://brexit.law/2016/07/20/366/) What seems to be most certain at this time, according to Members of Parliament in the House of Commons, is that child refugees are at a significantly higher risk of being trafficked if the UK does not take them in. (https://www.rt.com/uk/379584-child-refugees-trafficking-dubs/)

If dubstep is your thing, put some on and keep reading Be Refuge.