By Gabi Aguilar

‘B-Day’ aka ‘Brexit Day’ aka ‘Article 50’ aka not your birthday, rolled out last week...

So, what does this mean? Well, A LOT. First off, Article 50 is a part of European Union law that sets out the process by which member states may withdraw from the European Union. As hopefully you already know, the United Kingdom voted out (though Scotland politely disagreed…that’s for another blog post) and the process has officially begun.

This, along with the recent attack at Westminster, has resulted in many people questioning immigration policy in general. Just days after the attack, those who were quick to blame immigration have had to put their foot in their mouths.  Yep, sources have revealed that the attacker was actually British born. Khalid Masood, who was brought up as Adrian Russell, was born in Kent. TLDR: WESTMINSTER ATTACKER, NOT AN IMMIGRANT.

Since the attack, the term ‘illegals’ has gained poisonous currency in the UK as a catch-all term for all migrants and non-white people. Though Donald Trump very recently, and publicly, referred to Syrian Refugees entering into Germany by such an ugly term, and I would like to place the blame on this sole incident for the rise in it, the truth is that much immigration rhetoric worldwide has placed people in fear long long before this. The UK was even host to an infamous Enoch Powell speech called “Rivers of Blood” in the 1960s which basically criticized the government’s immigration policy by comparing it to watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre.

At such a sensitive time following the terrorist attack and the rolling out of ‘Brexit,’ immigration policy is at a major forefront. Stay tuned to Be Refuge to see what Article 50 rolls out. Here’s to hoping that the people get to open a B-Day present that is accepting of all human beings.



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